Who is Cojo for?

Cojo has been designed for everyone who wants to learn more about themselves, understand thoughts and feelings and cultivate a new habit.

Journaling can help you find calm, understand the world around you, improve your memory, spark creativity and much more.

What are we testing in the beta?

We are testing three main things in the beta.

1) We want to see how the app design works for real users, using the app everyday.

2) We want to get feedback on our exercises so that we can find out what is working and what can be improved.

3) We want to find out more about what you want from a journaling app so that we can build in the features that deliver the most value to everyone.

Have a feature request?
Contact steve@getcojo.com

Is my writing safe?

All the writing that you input into cojo is end to end encrypted. This means that when we "see" your writing on our servers it is just a scrambled mix of characters. Only by logging into the app with your unique code can the encryption be unscrambled.

Unlike a physical journal your cojo writing is safe behind your phone's passcode, and your account is protected with your unique password. We are currently working on adding in additional layers of encryption and an optional pin to lock the app so people can't look through your writing, even if they know your phone's password or pin.